Hurricane Glass

Hurricane Season is Coming: Will You and Your Clients Be Ready?

Hurricane season, like the summer itself, is coming to Florida! Every year the summer heat builds and builds up in the Caribbean.  In April or May, it’s pretty uncommon to have the daily does of “afternoon thunderstorms,” but by July or August, it seems like every day in Florida is a potential thunderstorm day. And then by late summer, here they come. Tropical storms and hurricanes. It’s all that heat in South Florida and indeed throughout the entire South driven by the massive influx of energy. All that energy from the sun heats all that water in the ocean and before you know it we have tropical storms and hurricanes.Hurricane Glass Manufacturer

But as a Floridian, you probably already know that. You’re used to a daily downpour round about 3 pm. You’re used to a lot of water. And you’re used to hurricane alerts in late summer. So far we’ve been blessed in Florida by dodging most of the hurricanes, but sooner or later – sadly – our luck will run out and another BIG ONE will hit the state of Florida.

A Best-in-class Florida Glass Manufacturer

As people who are involved in the glass manufacturing business, we know that glass can play a keen role in hurricane-resistant buildings and glass. In fact, we’re known as one of the top Florida manufacturers of glass, including so-called “hurricane glass.” Hurricane glass and other types of laminated glass are often used in buildings to make them resistant to hurricanes. Indeed, many commercial buildings are also using so-called blast-resistant glass so that in the event of a terrorist explosion, the building’s glass doesn’t become another projectile. Glass is one of those things that people take for granted.

At any rate, if you are a contractors, builder, architect or other person or organization involved in the building industry, you may be looking for a Florida glass manufacturer with expertise in laminated glass. You may be looking for a manufacturer of hurricane or impact-resistant glass. We’re that supplier. Use this website to browse our capabilities and reach out to us for a free competitive quote. So the next time a big hurricane hits Florida, you’ll feel a little bit smug that you built your building with the best-in-class hurricane glass that offers the best chance at building survival in the event of a big wind.